3 Reasons to Sign Your Child up for Swim Lessons

3 Reasons to Sign Your Child up for Swim Lessons

With hot, humid summer days right around the corner, it is time to start considering your summer activities. Most likely, some of your summer day trips and vacations will include trips to the pool, water park, or beach. If your children do not currently take swim lessons, now is the time to enroll them so that they can refresh or master their swimming skills.

Swim lessons have multiple benefits for children of all ages. Read on to learn a few arguments for why regular swim lessons belong in your family's schedule.

  1. Early Swim Lessons Build a Strong Foundation for Later in Life

It is literally never too early to sign your child up for swim lessons. There is a common misconception that infant swim courses have little or no long-term value for babies and their parents.

However, research indicates that infant swim classes have multiple benefits. During your baby's swim lesson, your baby's brain has to use cross-patterning movements in order to make the motions necessary to swim. This helps your baby's brain grow, making it easier for your baby to eventually learn how to read, develop language, and utilize spatial awareness.

The act of swimming is a new skill for your baby. When babies learn a new skill, this increases their self-confidence levels. Though high self-confidence may seem unnecessary for a baby, it actually helps baby feel more comfortable in social activities and new situations.

If you have school-aged children, you can still take advantage of these benefits. This is still a relatively young age for learning how to swim. Older children also experience increases in confidence and self-esteem by mastering a new activity.

Some parents may believe that their children do not need swim lessons because they already know how to swim. Your child may have the ability to paddle around the pool, but this does not mean that they are using proper swimming techniques.

Early swim lessons help your children develop and utilize proper swimming techniques which will help them maneuver through the water better. This makes their strokes more productive and decreases the risk of injury from using an incorrect technique.

  1. Aquatic Courses Require Minimal Equipment

Swim lessons are a breath of fresh air for parents who are tired of having to devote entire backseats to bags of equipment. Your child just needs a swimsuit and goggles to swim. Of course, if your child experiences frequent ear infections or has ear tubes, they may also need earplugs and perhaps a swim cap.

Otherwise, the YMCA provides everything your child needs for class. This includes any accessories your child uses during lessons, such as kickboards, water weights, or pool noodles. Though you do have to pay a monthly fee for swim courses, the lack of special equipment and uniforms makes swimming a budget-conscious activity compared to other childhood classes.

  1. Swim Courses Increase Your Child's Safety Around Water

Perhaps the most important reason to enroll your child in swim lessons is that it decreases your child's risk of drowning. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death, and children under the age of 14 are notably at risk.

If your child accidentally falls into the water while at the pool or water park, swim lessons can literally save your child's life. Since swim courses do teach children correct stroke techniques, they increase the chance that your child has the ability to swim to safety.

Another benefit of swim lessons is that they typically have a section that teaches children water safety. Your children will learn never to enter a pool without permission from a trusted adult. If an accident occurs, they will learn what steps they need to take (such as summoning a lifeguard or throwing out a life preserver).

Are you ready to enroll your kids in swim lessons? Contact us at the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati for a class that suits your schedule.