5 Tried and True Benefits of Working Out With Your Kids

5 Tried and True Benefits of Working Out With Your Kids

Children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 17 should be getting at least an hour of physical activity every day. According to the USDA, most of that hour should be spent in moderate or vigorous intensity aerobic exercise. Kids may need to try multiple forms of exercise to find what they truly enjoy doing, and sometimes simply playing active games will suffice.

However, you shouldn't just assume that your kids are moving as much as they should be because they have P.E. at school. One way to ensure that your children are on the right track with fitness is to make working out a family affair. Consider these reasons you may want to start exercising with your children on a regular basis.

Your Kids Will Learn to Make Time for Fitness

Active parents often inspire their kids to be active too. The change happens naturally as kids look to their parents as role models even when they aren't aware they're doing so. While many parents put a lot of thought into lectures and talks with their children, some fail to see that kids are paying more attention to what they do than what they say.

When you exercise with your children, you show them that one can easily make working out a part of one’s lifestyle. You are also teaching kids that you value your health and respect your body. Simply by exercising with your children each week, you teach them how exercise is a crucial part of a daily routine.

Bedtime Is Likely to Be Easier for the Whole Family

The American Council on Exercise reports that the development of a child's brain and body are connected. If you have ever felt as though you needed to resort to begging to get your kids to honor their bedtimes, you may be delighted at how exercise helps your kids sleep better and fall asleep faster.

You and Family Members Are Less Likely to Battle the Bulge

Obesity is now seen as something of an epidemic in the modern United States. More children are sedentary and overweight now than at any point in our nation's history. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that rates of childhood obesity have more than tripled since the 1970s.

Here’s the good news. In most cases, obesity is preventable if your kids exercise and eat healthily. When you have regular workouts planned with your kids, you're helping put them at an advantage in terms of fitness. In fact, you may be empowering your kids to enjoy exercise throughout their lives. People who exercise as kids are less likely to be obese later in life.

You Can Lead the Way with Your Attitude

When you exercise with your children, you can be proactive about teaching your little ones the true joy of working out. Exercise can be fun. Talk about how much fun you're having when you exercise with your children. Emphasize how exercise can help you feel better even after you've stopped moving. Explain all the reasons you love the activity you've chosen to do.

While some people may envision a long-distance run as torturous, no rules say that any person needs to be active in ways they don't enjoy. When you prioritize exercising with your kids, take care to choose activities you all like. Then talk about how the workouts benefit the body. For example, if you're playing a game that requires strength, discuss how it helps build muscles.

Children Will Love the Attention They Get

By working out with your children, you can help them look forward to exercising. You'll find that they want to do it. Younger kids will especially love the one-on-one time and focused attention that comes their way while you exercise together. Taking an active interest in your kids' daily exercise is sure to encourage them to associate joy with exercise.

Finally, there's no time like the present to start prioritizing fitness for every member of your family. When you're ready to get moving, consider joining the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati. We offer a variety of programs and activities for families to get fit and enjoy time together.