The YMCA is a committed community that inspires people of all ages, and familes in all forms, to achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals. We encourage belonging in a safe, caring, and vibrant environment.






Strategic Plan of Impact, 2014-2016




Power of Partnerships


Strong partnerships help us deliver on our vision for impact.


Engage and Encourage


We engage and encourage others to get involved and to advance the cause of strengthening our community.


Healthy Living for All


The Y is a recognized and valued resource and partner for healthy living.


Go Be the Y


The community values the Y as a resource to meet its needs.





We aspire to change lives for the better by significantly increasing the Y's positive impact in the lives of children, adults, and families in Greater Cincinnati.


We will strive to involve 2,000 new individuals in healthy living and social responsibility opportunities at the Y. Our goal is to build upon and transform current partnerships and foster others to maximize the Y's impact in this community.


The Y will continue to develop our youth by increasing the number of children enrolled in YMCA health, sports, camping, and educational programs, through innovation and expansion of current programs. Our goal is to provide these services to 23,000 children each year; this would be an 18% increase in current levels.


We hope to inspire 10,000 adults to become ambassadors for social responsibility. Our goal is to foster a greater sense of community involvement, through opportunities to contribute both financially and through volunteerism.


The Y is motivated to strengthen familes by increasing the number of family memberships by 15%. Our goal is to attain 13,000 total family units by 2016 by retaining current family membership units and increasing new memberships by 300 family units each year.


We are driven to change lives for the better by helping more of our members reach their health and wellness goals. SEER research indicats 39% of our current members are very satisfied with the Y. Our goal by 2016, is to increase that number by 25% to encompass 48% of our members.