An.gel (noun): one who aids or supports; a kind person


Pledge Card
Yes, you can still use a paper pledge card to show your support. Print a pledge card or ask someone at one of our branches for the card; complete it and turn it into the branch. You can opt to pay your pledge at specific times during the year and we will be happy to remind you, just in case you need it. Just let us know.


Even easier, just give us a check. Make it payable to: YMCA of Greater Cincinnati (if you wish to designate to a particular program or branch use the pledge card.  If you just want to send a check, mail to: YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, 1105 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


Credit Card
If you wish to use your credit card, please call
(513) 362-2012 during normal business hours and talk to Debby Nare, Data Specialist.


How easy is this? Simply click here to make your online donation. This is a secure page powered by Network for Good. Don’t forget you can set up a recurring gift that is paid once a month, quarterly, or just a lump sum.