Youth and Adult Sports



Stay active and learn with YMCA sports.  Not only will you have an opportunity to advance sport skills, but you'll also build social skills, gain confidence, and develop leadership.   Here, everyone plays and everyone is part of a team. For more information about our youth sports or to find out how and where to sign up, call (513) 362-YMCA.

Youth Soccer – Offered Spring and Fall

League begins September 2, 2014

League ends October 25, 2014

Youth Basketball – Offered Fall and Winter

Registration begins September 10, 2014

League begins October 27, 2014

League ends December 20, 2014


Youth Volleyball – Offered Spring and Fall - dates available soon

Youth Flag Football/Cheerleading – Offered Fall

Youth Baseball/T-Ball - Summer - dates available soon

Golf – Year Round

Tae Kwon Do  - Year Round


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For information about the sports offered at your local branch, contact our staff below:


Blue Ash YMCA

Mary Chesko

Campbell County YMCA

Kelly Simpson

Carl H. Lindner YMCA

Jose Vinegar

Clermont Family YMCA

Mark Bryant

M.E. Lyons YMCA

Dan Gepford

Gamble-Nippert YMCA

Jesiah Brock

R.C. Durr YMCA

John Wagner

Richard E. Lindner YMCA

Julie Halusek